Treatments for hands

Hands and nails are an integral part of feminine beauty. Therefore, they should always remain beautiful and properly manicured. Jacques Andre Beauty Parlour offers the following treatments for your hands and nails:

Classic manicure - A treatment for women who appreciate the classic. Its aim is to restore the beauty of a woman's nails.

French manicure - A treatment for women who appreciate clean-looking, beautiful and well-groomed nails with white or coloured tips.

Men's manicure - A treatment designed for gentlemen who appreciate aesthetic and properly manicured nails.

Paraffin bath - A treatment aimed at the regeneration of hand and nails. With the warm paraffin bath, together with the appropriate cosmetics, the skin of your hands will be fully regenerated and refreshed. Thanks to this method, you will achieve the effect of "velvet" hands.

Well maintained and manicured feet are the foundation of well-being and an important element of beauty.

Thanks to this treatment our feet become:

  • Velvety smooth,
  • Well moisturised,
  • the epidermis on your feet becomes fully regenerated,
  • the treatment solves problems such as corns and calluses


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